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Luxima - Gloss Toners

Choosing the tone

Determine the natural depth level of the hair, as well as the depth level and tone of any artificial tone.

Determine the tone and translucence of the desired end result. If you want to achieve a multidimensional result, choose your Luxima tone according to the lightest part of the hair. If you are aiming for a more nuanced and tranquil result, choose the tone according to the darkest part of the hair.

Tone identifiers

The tones are marked with numbers that indicate the depth level and character of the tone.

The first few numbers reveal where within the depth range the tone is, i.e. the amount of pigment in it. The latter numbers are based on the color star and denote the character of the tone.

  1. Ash
  2. Iridescent
  3. Golden
  4. Copper
  5. Mahogany
  6. Red
  7. Tobacco / Brown

E.g. 7–9.16 Smoky Rose / 7–9 = the depth level of the base that suits the color, and .16 = the character of the tone. Please note that the end result in lightened hair is 8 in terms of depth level; in other words, it is somewhere between 7 and 9.


Mixing ratio

(1 part color + 2 parts oxidizer)

Tip: If you are using an applicator bottle, mix in 1–3 squirts of Seal & Shine oil, which will turn the gel into an emulsion.

Choosing the oxidizer

Choose the strength of the oxidizer based on the current base and the tone used:

Use Four Reasons Oxid
Toning of colored or lightened hair 1,5 %
Darkening or evening out root growth using a BASE tone 3 %
Brightening root growth using a BASE tone 6 %


Application and processing time

Apply the color using generous sections, emulsify by massaging it in and leave to process:

Color Processing time
Luxima 15 min
Luxima EXPRESS 5 min
Luxima + Luxima BASE 30 min


After the processing time, emulsify, rinse and wash the hair.