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Four Reasons Luxima All-in-One Intro Kit

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Intro Kit Includes:

- Luxima colors 72 tubes

- Luxima  oxids:
  1,5 % x 2
  3 % x 1
  6 % x 1

- Seal & Shine Oil  x 1

- Luxima application bottle x 1

- Color chart book x 1

Four Reasons Luxima Hair color for unique, vibrant and multi-toned results.

Four Reasons Luxima color series is known for its exceptionally long-lasting shine that reflects light gloriously. Based on toned pigments, the composition of Four Reasons Luxima reveals the subtle differences in depth in the base and creates a three-dimensional impression. This always makes the end result unique, exceptionally vibrant and multi-toned – exactly what today’s customers want. Hair toned with Luxima never looks painted; instead, it sparkles in a clear and natural way.

Luxima hair color is ammonia-free and 100% vegan. Low-alkaline Luxima colors hair gently—the hair’s natural base doesn’t get lighter, not does the warmth of the base affect the end result. The unique shine of this color line comes from a specifically designed Shine Enhance Complex. The compound’s vitamins and vegetable oils effectively boost the color pigments’ ability to reflect light.

The muted tones of Luxima’s color selection create guaranteed, reliable results. You can easily achieve the desired result by using the various elements of the series as appropriate, such as Base tones, which increase coverage, or Mixers. The gel-like composition is easy to both mix and apply, with or without an applicator bottle.