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Fragrance-free wedding hairstyles are a positive surprise

While weddings represent the fulfillment of a dream for many customers, the wedding hairstyle may turn into the worst nightmare for both the customer and the hairstylist. However, there is no need for that at all – read our tips on how to avoid the biggest pitfalls and create a dream hairstyle that lasts the whole day through.

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A fragrance-free hair salon experience as an alternative

With allergic reactions to fragrances becoming increasingly common, the demand for fragrance-free alternatives in hair care is growing. While many still use scented products, there's a notable preference for fragrance-free options that offer an enhanced experience.

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NEW Four Reasons Color Lock

Post-Color Treatment that prevents color from fading.

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Will you choose Optima, Luxima or both?

The Four Reasons Optima and Luxima color lines offer endless possibilities for the creative colourist to create the most stunning hair colours.

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