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I’m Original. I might look sweet on the outside, but there’s a whole lot of crazy going on behind the shower curtains.

My sole purpose in life is to make your bad hair days good and the good ones even better.

Oh, and since you didn’t ask, I’m vegan!

In case you’re wondering, I’m also super into all that eco-friendly stuff. Nowadays, my wardrobe mostly consists of things made from recyclable sugar cane plastic (you know, the material that comes from making SUGAR, how sweet is that). Great bumping into you. Stay weird, gorgeous.


Shampoos & Conditioners

Four Reasons Original hair care products work wonders for your hair. The formulas cleanse, condition and care for different hair types in the best possible way. Find the hair products that are perfect for you and work small wonders every time you use them.

Styling Products

Now it’s time to play – this is the point where we promise to make your hair day a little better. Do whatever you want: Hollywood waves, second-day chignons, the tightest of tight ponytails, a stylishly sleek wet look, a smart straightening, or braids here and there. With these styling products, you can manage any style.


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