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Optima Color All-in-One Intro Kit




All optima colors - for the best price! This starter kit includes everything you need to get started with Optima color!

Package contains

  • 1 of all Optima colors (104 pcs total)
  • 5 Optima Cream Oxid -developers (1,5 %, 3 %, 6 %, 9 %, 12 %)
  • 1 Optima Makeover Color Remover
  • 1 Optima Clear Booster
  • 1 Optima color book
  • 1 Four Reasons Apron
  • 1 Four Reasons Cape

Optima blurs the line between permanent and semi-permanent colors – you can use the same versatile color line for all kinds of color work that is needed in the salon. The shades are beautifully translucent and exceptionally deep at the same time. Optima is perfume-free and 100 % vegan.

In the core of the hair color is our exclusive HydraRepair™ technology, which is based on the effects of plant-based keratin and collagen working together. The damage-repairing properties of phytokeratin and the intensively hydrating properties of phytocollagen support each other’s functions within the HydraRepair™ technology, protecting, repairing and hydrating hair during the processing time. In addition to the HydraRepair™ technology, Optima also features nourishing natural oils like Meadowfoam seed oil, Mono de Tahiti oil and Baobab oil, which nourish, strengthen, and provide shine, hydration, and moisture.