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Makeover Color Remover




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Four Reasons Optima Makeover creates the perfect base for the color pigments to work in an ideal way. It makes the coloring result look purer and tone-rich. Baobab oil, avocado oil and bamboo extract nourish hair and protect its structure during the processing time. Use Four Reasons Optima Makeover to remove previous color before coloring the hair if: the current, artificial shade is different from the desired shade you want to achieve a clear tonal change, like from ash to gold or from cool red to copper you want the result to be clearly lighter than the current color the ends have several visible layers of different colors you want to remove direct dye

Qualities: Gentle, Creates perfect base

Special: Vegan, Fragrance-free

How to use:

Removing oxidizing hair color: Mixing ratio 1:3, 3% Cream Oxid (1 part Makeover powder + 3 parts 3% Optima Cream Oxid). Processing time 30 min max, covered with a hood, no heat. 

Removing direct dye: Mixing ration 1:1 with room temperature water or 1:3 with Cream Oxid, depending on how strong color removal is desired. Processing time 30 min max, covered with a hood, no heat. Carefully read instructions.