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Fragrance-free wedding hairstyles are a positive surprise

Fragrance-Free Wedding Hairstyles Are a Positive Surprise.

Introducing a New Kind of Bridal Fashion Service - Nelli Ruhanen: If Anyone Knows What Dream Wedding Hair Is Made Of

Meet Nelli Ruhanen, a hair specialist based in Helsinki with 11 years of experience in the business. She is the hair stylist of LYYLI Bridal & Wedding Fashion Services, a venture she co-founded with her friend Laura Pensasmäki in 2019. "I’ve always been crazy about weddings, and now I actually have a ‘license’ to really enthuse and get all excited about all things wedding," says Nelli, who is dedicated to providing a novel and comprehensive service, including theme events for brides, bridesmaids, and everyone involved in planning a wedding.

Every Bride Is Uniquely Gorgeous.

“It’s surprising how often brides have a very negative image of their own hair. Sometimes it’s really hard to convince your customer that you can do things to their hair that make for a lovely and unforgettable hairstyle. The bride’s deep-seated, preconceived attitudes and limited view of becoming and unbecoming styles and accessories are often the biggest obstacle to her being at her loveliest on her wedding day. The best thing about my job is that I can help the bride to find her own, unique beauty and to express and bring to life her preferred style, which she may not even be able to put to words. When you manage to win the bride’s trust and she gets the courage to try something completely new and different, and settles on this solution for her big day, you feel like you’ve done well,” tells Nelli Ruhanen.

Lighten the Bouquet of Fragrances on a Wedding Day.

Wedding days are often full of hustle and bustle, and nowadays many wedding parties want to make the preparations in the morning as calm as possible. This is why Nelli increasingly often goes to the bride’s home, a hotel, or the actual venue to style her hair. What is common to all these places, however, is a more or less electric atmosphere and a palpable sense of excitement. When Nelli opens her tool case and confidently gets to work, the nervous excitement of the wedding party begins to dissipate in step with the creation of one enchanting hairstyle after the other

"I always travel with my most trusted products, the Four Reasons line, which I know will get me through anything at all. I’m very loyal to brands – why try anything new just to fret about the end result? When you’ve chosen the right base products, the hairstyle lasts for at least 12 hours without coming apart. When I work at the hair salon, I use the Four Reasons Professional products as well, but when I’m working on a wedding hairstyle, I always choose the fragrance-free Four Reasons No Nothing products, for a number of reasons. Hairstyles require a lot of hairspray, and the places I visit often have a lot of people packed in a small space. This means that everyone would quickly start feeling uncomfortable if I were to use something other than fragrance-free products. Brides spend a lot of time designing the style of their wedding, but they may overlook the strong fragrance of hair products that can ruin the entire well-thought-out ensemble and overpower the perfume they’ve selected for the wedding day, possibly even causing a headache and so on. Brides are often positively surprised when I've accounted for this detail as well, with their best interest at heart. It’s often natural to talk about the products you’re using when doing someone’s hair, and many of my customers decide to give the fragrance-free products a try in their everyday life as well,” Nelli explains."

Four Steps to a Successful Wedding Hairstyle:

#1 Interview

Begin by engaging in a conversation with the bride to understand her desires and preferences. It's crucial to read between the lines to figure out what she truly wants. Encourage her to share pictures of hairstyles she finds appealing, even if they're not necessarily bridal hairstyles. This helps you grasp the type of hairstyle that makes her feel comfortable. Remember, what feels natural to you may feel festive to another, so it's essential to ask rather than rely on guesswork. Be prepared to challenge and persuade, while trusting your professional skills and remaining in control. In some cases, it may be beneficial to involve another stylist if finding common ground becomes challenging.

#2 Choose the method

Once you've determined the bride's preferences, consider how to achieve her desired look in your own unique way. Avoid underestimating your skills, but refrain from overly complex methods unless you're an experienced stylist. Focus on delivering a beautiful outcome with lasting power, prioritizing the end result over the process itself.

#3 Prepare

Carefully plan the conditioning and dyeing of the bride’s hair to ensure it's in optimal condition on the big day. Coordinate these treatments so that the hair and color are at their best. Ensure the bride has the right conditioning and care products at home to maintain her hair's health. Schedule a trial styling session to fine-tune the chosen style, experiment with hair accessories, and provide clear instructions for the wedding day morning routine. Clarify whether she needs to wash her hair the night before or in the morning, ensuring it's either completely dry or slightly damp when you begin styling.

#4 Lay the groundwork

Building a hairstyle with staying power requires quality base products. Use a heat protection product, like Four Reasons No Nothing Sensitive Heat Protection Spray, to provide support and protection for the hair throughout the day. While styling, apply a fine hairspray, and finish by securing the hair with a strong, completely dry, fine hairspray.

By following these four steps diligently, you can ensure a successful and stunning wedding hairstyle that lasts all day long.

Nelli’s favorite product is the Four Reasons No Nothing Sensitive Strong Hairspray – a fragrance-free, strong hairspray. "If I had to choose just one product to do my job, it would definitely be this! This dry fine spray is suitable for all kinds of hairstyles and it holds – without a fragrance, of course!"

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