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Follow the Professional Shots service path and ensure customer satisfaction!

The Four Reasons Professional Shots hairdressing treatment series has four different treatment lines. The ampoule treatments designed for different hair types are powered by the latest technologies and plant-based active ingredients. With the help of the treatment series, you expand your store's range of services and offer an exhilarating customer experience. By following the service path, you ensure customer satisfaction - read the tips and try it out for your next customer!



A surprising number of customers say that they don't know what treatments they could get from a hairdresser in addition to haircuts and lightening and color treatments.

DO THIS: Make sure your clients know that Professional Shots treatments are done at your salon. Put a Professional Shots poster on a street speaker or in a window in a visible place. Place the Professional Shots Menu treatment menu on the table in the lobby or on the counter at the customer counter so that the customer can glance at it while waiting.



The customer expects individual service and solutions to their problems. Customers often struggle with dry and frizzy hair, and want more richness and longer lasting hair color. Hairdressers want to caress and strengthen their hair. You now have the opportunity to solve the customer's hair challenges and solve possible problems with the help of Professional Shots treatment ampoules.

DO THIS: When the client sits in your chair and you are discussing what to do with the hair this time, feel free to offer Professional Shots treatments. View the Professional Shots Menu and suggest the treatment you think is most necessary. The fast Professional Shots treatment solves the most common hair challenges and improves customer satisfaction considerably. If there is no time this time, the customer will appreciate that you take care of their hair by telling them about the treatment option and book a longer appointment next time.



A massage performed during the Professional Shots treatment increases the experience of the treatment and raises the salon visit to a new level.

DO THIS: Apply the selected Professional Shots care ampoule to the hair, then have a relaxing massage. Offer your customer an unforgettable hairdressing experience; detailed massage instructions can be found in the Professional Shots Manual.



With the right home care products, the effects of the Four Reasons Professional Shots treatment will last as long as possible and the customer's hair will thank you.

DO THIS: Recommend Four Reasons Professional products for home use to your client that are suitable for their hair. Don't forget the Four Reasons Professional Final Glam Leave-in Treatment spray, which adds liveliness, vitality and shine to all hair!



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