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The product that serve many different needs - tips for professionals!

The product that serve many different needs - tips for professionals!

Four Reasons Color Mask toning products developed for dark, blonde and red hair serve many different needs and wishes. You can extend the duration of the current hair color, maintain the warmth of the shade as you wish, or tint your hair with a new, fresh shade. See what kind of needs Color masks are the perfect solution for!

Maintenance of hair color between colorings
Color Mask is an effortless solution to the most common challenges of colored hair: color fading. The rich amount of pigment contained in the products ensures that the freshly dyed glow remains in the hair for a long time between the actual dyeing sessions. You can give your hair color a boost whenever the tone feels like it needs refreshing. Even challenging red tones can easily be kept glowingly intense with the help of Color Mask.

Keeping the tone cool or warm
Color Mask products are effective maintainers and fine-tuners of cold or warm tones. Blonde hair stays bright and cool and warm brown hair full. Silver gray, purple and cool brown tones remain elegantly cold. The warm red tones glow for a long time just like real copper.

Those who want a change can easily get a new nuance in their hair with Color Mask products. Enjoy a luxurious shade of rose gold or intense pink on light hair, tint Light Brown hair to a bronze metallic sheen, or give dark hair a hint of purple.

Four Reasons Color Mask – the 4 cornerstones of product consultation – work like this:

#1 Tell us what problem the product solves
Dying hair at home should be discussed with the customer even before starting the dyeing process. Some shades are particularly sensitive to fading and require special vigilance from the customer to stay. It is fair to raise the issue with the customer in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

#2 Take advantage of your own user experience
A hairdresser's recommendation has enormous power.  Once you have familiarized yourself with the differences between different shades, you can more confidently recommend products, negotiate with the customer in choosing a shade and give usage tips.

#3 Provide user experience when visiting the hair salon
A coloring event at a hair salon is a great opportunity to offer the customer a new product experience that significantly lowers the purchase threshold. Surface treat the hair at the washing point with the Color Mask product, bring it to your customer and tell them how the product completes the coloring result.

#4 Guide to choosing the right shade and using the product
You can use the packaging design of Four Reasons Color Mask products for shade selection advice. In the packaging, below the product name, four reasons for the product are described, the first of which tells what degree of darkness the product is intended for. Find out the degree of darkness of your hair and choose a suitable shade from the Color Mask products. Choose the degree of darkness according to the lightest part of the hair. In the packaging, under the name of the shade, there is a scale describing the coldness/warmth of the shade, which provides additional information when choosing the right shade.

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